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Plan the Flattest RV routes

Choose the best RV routeWe all would like to choose the best RV routes. Visit the link above and search between locations on your route to find the flattest route and avoid bad roads with steep grades. You can also drag any of the two GREEN an RED icons around to change the route to avoid steep hills etc.

Check the Map – Rough & Steep Routes

steep hills rv routesA great feature to search for RV routes and roads in your travel area. You can choose between ‘rough’ and steep’ and also see a blue elevation graph below each map. Move your cursor over the graph and see where is the highest point on the route.

Help Us! Send a Route

We need the help of all the RVers who travel across the states to send us information on road conditions. The database is still in progress and growing, therefore, we need the Route or Hwy #, State and cities/towns close by. No registration or email needed! Very easy.

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  1. Hi, does this app have a multi state trip planner feature so we can plan the best route and not pie e together the contiguous states by trial and error?

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